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Style makeover Dumfries
A Bridal Dresser bride

Are you looking for 'the dress"?

I often encourage my brides to experiment a little with different looks to figure out what shapes suit their figures and what details look flattering. Start by flicking through magazines or on the Web – anything that gets you inspired!

Once you have visuals running through your mind, it will help narrow down the search and you can be a bit more direct once you start shopping. I like my brides to be a bit brave so I do recommend stepping out of your comfort zone from time to time as you never know what gem you might stumble across – a dress that looks plain on the hanger can look epic on so try to remain a little open minded.

If I had a penny for every bride who has asked for one thing and picked something completely the opposite.... — feeling excited at Bridal Dresser.

drop dead gorgeous


Every bride is unique, but a commonality among all brides is that they want to look drop dead gorgeous on their wedding and have a stress-free day. Hiring a Bridal Dresser for your wedding day can ensure both of those things!

Along with being a bridal stylist and dresser, I am also an editorial stylist, so I treat each wedding as I would a photo shoot and make sure that every fashion detail is perfect. My services are a blessing for the photographer, as it is a guarantee that every hair is in place, that the train is placed just where it should be, and that every bridesmaid has their bouquet for the photos (which can be quite a feat). Ultimately, it saves the photographer time in editing.

I view a Bridal Dresser as insurance policy. You have hired a team of professionals to make sure that your wedding day is perfect. There is a professional in charge of planning your event, someone to create floral displays to make your venue beautiful, and you picked the perfect person to capture every special moment on film. Why not hire someone to make sure that all aspects of your bridal fashion are also perfect?

Sheila 22/11/2016

the garter story

The Garter Story

Brides often ask, “Where should I wear my wedding garter?”

Too high and it might be too tight and rub against your other leg. Too low and it might fall off

I always suggest that the wedding garter be worn just above the knee on either leg. Wearing the garter just above the knee is key for a few reasons....

First, this is the thinnest part of the leg, making it low enough to not cut off circulation or chafe against your other leg when you walk.

If you want to take a picture or two of you wearing your pretty wedding garter, by wearing it just above your knee you won’t have to pull your dress up too far to get a few tasteful photos!

Keep in mind, wearing your garter just above the knee is just a starting point. If pulling it up higher or lower will give you a better fit, then go for it.

If your garter is too tight, pull it lower. If it is too loose, pull it lower. And, if it is painful, take it off and get a new one!

This is my number one piece of wedding garter wearing advice: Above all else, try your wedding garter on before your wedding day. Don’t wait until the day of to find that you have a wedding garter fit issue.

The wedding garter should be fun, enjoy the moment not the discomfort of something under your dress that doesn’t fit .

Sheila 27/07/2016